Software Development Services Company

Software Development Services Company
30.09.2014 11:09

Services Provided by Software Development Companies     Software development services company generally have a team involving programmers, business advisor, software engineers, software testers, web designers and technical writers. Each of the team members are skilled in developing applications in various languages and on a various range of platforms. Services provided by most of the software development services company are:        

Custom Software Development

Web Development


Mobile Development

IT Consulting

Maintenance and Support Services

Software Testing

IT Staffing



Addressing the needs of a specific enterprise, Custom software applications have become an integral part of today’s technology landscape. These custom applications are created from the ground up with user friendly formats and easy-to-navigate screens, providing exactly what the business process needs. Custom application development services provided by any software development services company are:  

Content management systems

Enterprise application integration

Application reengineering

Corporate intranets and extranets

Web-enabling legacy applications

Porting applications

Software product development

Software architecture consulting

Capacity and network planning solutions

CRM applications

Enterprise solutions

E-commerce solutions

Design and implementation of B2B exchanges

Supply chain integration

Data warehousing solutions


  Web application development services p rovided by software development services company are:

Website Development & Design Services

Open source Software Integration

Web & Enterprise Portals

Web-based Database Programming


  Mobile applications have revolutionized the capabilities of the mobile phone, thus making it an integral part of our lives. Mobile app development services include:

Custom mobile application development and support

Testing services

Offshore remote infrastructure


  IT consulting services that address the needs of IT infrastructure from a 360 degree perspective are:  

Take complete IT Process Audit of current technology infrastructure

Perform Business Analysis

Provide strategic insights for IT and Management requirements

Develop an IT Strategy in tandem with business objectives

Align existing IT infrastructure to match business objectives

Provide business problem solving and system re-engineering services

Performance Engineering



Data Architecture and Design

Quality Assurance through regular testing practices

Help Business Transformation and Change Management

Ensure cost control for client through Implementation, Transformation and Maintenance



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