Property in Thane and Property in Mumbai: Best options of Investment

Property in Thane and Property in Mumbai: Best options of Investment
08.10.2014 11:48


Investors are anticipating high returns in terms of investment in residential properties in Mumbai and surrounding areas. With the increasing demand for real estate around the country, purchase opportunities are soaring high a city like Mumbai. According to the recent reports on the real estate, investment in Property in Thane and Property in Mumbai are at the top of the chart.

The increasing prices of the properties and investment being the top choice of the citizens, the change can be very much attributed to the new Union Budget which was presented by the Finance Minister in the form of REIT. With the stock market mostly maintaining a stable stature, it is the right time for the potential buyers and real estate to invest in either Property in Thane or Property in Mumbai.

Property investment has never been easy as it requires one to have lots of knowledge as well as finance. JLL has reported that they have observed a substantial change in the best properties falling within the required budget. People are starting to invest in Property in Thane, due to increasing emphasis on the West, Thane area due to the recent developments. The property price per square feet in Thane is seeing an upward trend to the fact that it is close to many of the other popular and primary areas. Property in Thane is becoming attractive due to the infrastructure development in terms of connectivity with other places, and other basic amenities like schools and colleges etc.

On the other hand, even the Property in Mumbai, has seen an upward trend in the past couple of months due to the increasing number of residential properties available. Although the price of owning a property was and is still a big dream for people staying in Mumbai, they have not option investing in other areas like Property in Thane. Affordability has been always the main reason for backing up from purchasing property in Mumbai.

Investment opportunities in Property in Thane and Property in Mumbai

As mentioned earlier, Thane has been grabbing eyeballs from many new potential investors as it is one of the fastest growing sub-Urb in Mumbai. In the first 6 months of the year, there has been an increase of 34% in the launch of premium properties. People who are looking for properties falling in their budget might have a good option in terms of Property in Thane. Owning property in Mumbai might still be a dream for many people.

Areas like Vasai, virar, Dombivali among others are gaining lot of attention. Property developers are noe concentrating on high quality and affordable property through projects like Mayureshwar Park and Riverdable Vista, among others. During the last 6 months of year 2014, there is 26% of improvement expected in sale of Property in Mumbai. A considerable increase in the price of property was observed in Property in Thane and Property in Mumbai. 


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