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Property in Panvel and property in Titwala is within your reach
22.10.2014 15:39



With the increase in demand of property all around India, there has been an increase in the number of people looking for investing in property in Mumbai as the real estate market is blooming in this city. With the increase in the property value and demands in areas like Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan, people are looking out for more affordable options and have resorted to investing in Property in Panvel and Property in Titwala.

The Property in Panvel has taken a leap since the start of the Naina project, which is meant to create a double lane track to connect Karjat and Panvel. Although Panvel has huge population, but it has not hampered the attention it is getting from the property seekers. Titwala might not be popular as much as other parts of Mumbai, but sure the property in Titwala has got all the benefits from the rise in the real estate market. Property in Panvel and property in Titwala is now becoming one of the better option for property investment by potential buyers as well as real estate brokers as it has properties falling in the affordable range for a common man. Increasing price of property in famous areas of Mumbai have drawn so much attention that people are finding it hard to invest and own home now. Property in Panvel and Property in Titwala is climbing the ladder in terms of becoming the chosen place for property investment and also the most sought of place in terms of development potential.

Property in Panvel or property in Titwala:

Improvements in infrastructure can be considered as the main reason for the boost in the real estate market in Panvel. Investors have got attracted to Titwals due to its closeness to Kalyan. Property in Panvel is around Rs 4000-6000 per square foot. Property in Panvel can easily be considered as one of the best options for property investment due some of the major projects like Monarch Greenscapes, Indiabulls Green, Arihant Aakanksha, etc. But if you are among the people who have got attracted to property in Titwala, you might want to invest in either new projects or the existing ones like Regency Sarvam, Charms city, etc.

Falcon developers are one of the most sought out property developers to buy property in Titwala as they also the leading developers of property in Kalyan as well. Some of the well known developers of property in Panvel include Tirupati Balaji developers, Indiabulls real estate and Amrith Developers, etc. According to the reports there has been a 24 % increase in 3BHK property in Panvel. A person will be able to own a property by investing as little as Rs. 15 Lakhs for 1BHK in both Panvel and Titwala. With the changes proposed by the finance minister in the Union budget, property seekers have a positive approach towards owning their home.

People have always known that investment in property can never fetch loss as there is always an increase on property value and increase in demand. Property in Panvel and property in Titwala is the ultimate place wherein affordability meets the comfort.

In past few years, people have witness the more than 35% rise in property in Panvel and property in Titwala. That’s the main reason why people are looking to buy the property in this premium location. Most of the home buyers are ready to invest in these properties. The increasing demand of property in these region has pushed many investors towards investing in Property in Panvel and property in Titwala.

Panvel and Titwala can be considered as the one of the most prominent localities of Mumbai.  Property in Panvel and property in Titwala are in huge demand, if you are planning to invest in the property so you can consider these area for affordable housing facilities with great ROI. People looking for a better environment, big homes and quality lifestyle and for that Panvel and Titwala are the perfect location.


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