Property in Seawoods

22.10.2014 16:08



    Investment decisions have never been easy for any common man. Unless a common man has in mind what, where and how he wants to invest and the end results of his investments, will he be taking the correct decision. The only two investments that were always fruit bearing were property investments and investment in gold. With the recent drop in the bullion market all gold investments have gone below the level which bottoms down only to Property investments. For all the wise investors who would like to gain the fruits of their investments here is just a peep if you want to invest into property in the Property in Kharghar and property in Seawoods.

Investing in property has never been the same as the past years as no one would like to invest in property just anywhere or everywhere. Here is just an outline of the market value to purchase your Property in Kharghar and Property in Seawoods.

Per the recent survey Property in Seawoods will cost around Rs.9715 per square feet, however, investing in the top real estate’s for a multi-storey building will cost around Rs.11, 839 per square feet, which when compared to the market value in and around a couple of months is calculated to an increase of 12%. Where as an investment in Property in Kharghar will cost in and around Rs.6499 and in line with the top real estate’s for a multi-storey building will be at Rs.7551 though the fact is that the property value has come down by 3% in comparison to the past value.(Per June 2104).

With more of home owners, emphasizing on residential sites, Property in Kharghar and property in Seawoods has a lot to offer their customers. An area like sector 40 and 44 is what draws people’s attention to purchase property in Seawoods. Apart from this there are other premium projects like Navi Mumbai Seawoods, Near HP Petrol Pump.sec-44, Gems corner, Ulwe tower projects, Krishna elite, Abc Chs, and Shagun paradise set for property in Seawoods with all these and others projects it has been an attention tracker for customers. Property in Kharghar is also known to be one of the most wanted locations with premium projects like Sai Saakshaat,Paradise Sai miracle,Juhi Niharika Residency, Maahavir heritage has hyped up both the customers attention and the value of land in this area.

Tentative future of property investment:

As said earlier every investor would like to know what their investments hold in future. Taking into consideration from the past year and a comparative look at the property in Seawoods the graph shows an ascending property value of nearly 11.55% wherein the rate per sq ft has raised Rs.9175. Property in Kharghar though hiked up from Rs.5858 per sq ft to Rs.6499 per sq ft from the past year yet the property value at an apartment or a multi-storey building is said to have a descending graph of nearly 3%.



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