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Everybody is looking for owning a home, but with the rising real estate market and property price, it becomes a dream too good to be real. Owning a home is never easy as it required the potential buyers to invest time, money and extensive research to locate a property. With a limited budget, it is never easy to find the right house that you want to buy as it may not have all the amenities that you are looking for. In this scenario, many buyers either cut down their expectation  in a property or look out for a property that fits into their budget. But what about the rest of the people, who is looking for a one time investment in housing, lack of budget should not become an obstacle for owning a property. The best option in these scenarios is Home Loan or Mortgage Loan or Housing Loan.

Once you have your home, you  might look out for remodeling and reconstruction and with all the finance gone into purchasing the home, a buyer can opt for a Home Loan or Mortgage Loan or Housing Loan. For a person who is already owning another property, it is easier to get a home loan as they can use their existing property for security purpose. The bank will fund their new home considering the market value of their existing home. The only negative aspect of the home loan is the fact that the bank gets an ownership of the existing loan and if the borrower is unable to pay the instalment of the home on a timely basis, they can proceed with either selling or auctioning the house.

On the other hand, even housing loan is similar to that of home loans, as the borrowers get money by putting an existing property or home as security. When a real estate company approaches a bank for a loan to purchase any property, it is considered as a mortgage loan. Mortgage loan requires the borrower to sign a contract agreeing to the terms of payment including interest. In order to attain the ownership of the property, the borrower needs to pay the bank the respective instalment for either Home Loan or Mortgage Loan or Housing Loan.

Interest rates offered by bank for Home Loan or Mortgage Loan or Housing Loan:

The interest rate for a Home Loan or Mortgage Loan or Housing Loan, completely depends on the bank that you are approaching as well as the place where the property is located. Reports indicate that banks may charge around 10.10% to 11.75 % for a loan amount of Rs 20 Lakhs or more. With the change in central government and increase in the number of available properties, bank has lowered their interest rates for loans. A real estate company might end up paying around 15% (maximum) interest rate to acquire mortgage loan from banks.

The basic concept behind any loan, including Home Loan or Mortgage Loan or Housing Loan, is that the borrower needs to have a complete understanding about the interest rate, how it is calculated by the bank for the requested tenure and what are the actions that can be taken by the bank in case of non payment.

If you are planning to take Home Loan or Mortgage Loan or Housing Loan, so its essential to have clear understanding for interest charges, and total amount that you are looking for and as well as time duration for which you are taking the loan. Buying the home and taking the loan for same is not the easy decision, so be wise before with your investment related  matters.

Before taking Home Loan or Mortgage Loan or Housing Loan, do the complete research ondifferent banks because they are offering different rate of interest with different policies. Loan taken against the property known as mortgage loan. With all the plans and backups ready, you should be ready to enter your dream home soon.


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