Overall real estate blooming in Mumbai

Overall real estate blooming in Mumbai
03.11.2014 15:54

Real estate news  have been constantly highlighting the fact that cities all around the country have seen a rise in the real estate sector, real estate in Mumbai has not behind in terms of the demands. Although this sudden increase in demand of real estate in Mumbai is being considered as a bubble, there has been immense improvement in real estate in almost all the areas of Mumbai city.

People residing in Mumbai have been able to get all the latest real estate news through many online portals launched by some of the big names in the real estate sector. These online portals have given much needed relief to the customers as they get all get the information about the available real estate in Mumbai. According to some of the real estate news, potential buyers are searching the internet and the online portals to get all the details about the interested property. The number is as high at 50% and people have made changes in their decisions based on these portals.

Real estate news consultants have clearly indicated that although there has been an increase in demand of the real estate in Mumbai, it has not impacted the prices of the properties. Contrary to some of the reports indicating there is no available property in Mumbai, there are enough available properties that a buyer will be able to buy a property even after 2 years. The price in the coming one year is expected to go as high as 10.1% when considering residential real estate in Mumbai. A potential buyer of real estate in Mumbai should not get influenced by the information that is being relayed in real estate news.  One should be cautious when and where they want to invest the money.

The cost of investing in real estate in Mumbai

According to the real estate news, a potential buyer will not only have the option of choosing the area or locality where they would like to invest in property, but also they will be able to chose the amount that they want to invest in the property. Increasing number of inhabitants in Mumbai city and the real estate in Mumbai taking a leap, new developers have started focusing on major areas around the city for the new projects. Some of the areas gaining popularity are Thane, Andheri, Borivalli, Seawoods etc. Some of the most names considered as leaders in real estate in Mumbai are Lodha group, RNA Builders and Omkar Realtors & Developers,etc.

Real estate in Mumbai has show lot of variance as a person might spend Rs 55 lakhs for 1BHK in heart of the city while a similar property can be bought for nearly half the price is other upcoming areas. According to the real estate news, people are starting to look for property with rent in their mind rather than staying in the property.

Irrespective of the information being showcased in the real estate news, owning real estate in Mumbai has been a dream of many Mumbai inhabitants. Investment in property of Mumbai is the combination of profit and intelligence. According to recent reports, property in Mumbai is offering the good rate of return because it offers the better infrastructure and great connectivity. 





















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