Mumbai Property

Mumbai Property
06.09.2014 11:59

Invest in Property in Thane and Property in Mumbai for best ROI

Most part of Mumbai in terms of residential investment will fetch the investor good returns. Everybody waits for the best possible investment opportunities in metropolitan cities of the country and when it comes to a city like Mumbai, opportunities are endless. Property in Mumbai and Property in Thane are among the top ten best investments that can be done by any person.

With the REIT passed by the new finance minister, investment has taken a boost in parts of the country and the price of the property has increased. With the current stable stock market, equity market is expecting involvement from retail estate investor and now will be the right time to probably to invest in finest Property in Mumbai and that of Property in Thane.



Investing in property is a combination of investment as well as intelligence. As per the reports published by JLL India, there are has been a considerable change in terms of best affordable properties. Property in Thane, especially in the west of Thane is becoming a chosen area for most of the investors. The price of property per/sq ft has been showing an upward trend due to its closeness to many primary parts of Mumbai. The infrastructure in terms of connectivity and other basic amenities have added to the attraction quotient of the Property in Thane.

Availability of the residential Property in Mumbai has increased the property sale in the recent couple of months. Even though there are still quite a section of people in Mumbai who are unable to afford a residential property in the heart of Mumbai, the recent change recommended by the finance ministry will probably come to the aid of many looking for investment in other options like Property in Thane.

Investment options in Property in Thane or Property in Mumbai:

Thane being one of the well developed sub-urban of Mumbai has been gaining lot of attention from potential investors. There has been 34% of premium launches in the first six months. If one is looking for a low budget investment rather than investing in Property in Mumbai, then Property in Thane is the go to option.

Best investment localities or Property in Thane can be found in areas such as; Palghar, Dombivali, Vasai, Virar. With the increasing quality and number of builders/investors, there are increasing numbers of housing projects like Riverdable Vista, Mayureshwar Park , Falco World etc which are currently in hotspot.


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