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Is it worth to make investment in Property in Ambernath and Property in Badlapur?
28.08.2014 11:16

Buying properties in centre of Mumbai is not easy for a common person as it is too dear, but in the suburbs of Mumbai, the common people can afford to purchase land for residential purpose. The Ambernath and Badlapur is one such location where a common person can opt to buy land for residential purpose. This place is fast developing so if one is planning to purchase land then he must go for the Best Property in Ambernath and Property in Badlapur.

Both the localities offer Rs. 18 to 45 lakhs per unit for an under construction project. The demand for Amberpur and Badlapur localities has increased due to unavailability and due to unaffordable rate in the Thane-Kalyan belt. The common people are opting to buy in this area because of the reasonable rate of Premium Property in Ambernath and Property in Badlapur section as it fits their budget. You can clearly see that the fringes of Mumbai suburbs are fast developing and infrastructure is increasing gradually.

Badlapur is one of the fastest growing areas in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The cost per square feet in Badlapur is Rs, 2500-Rs.3500, which is quite reasonable and a common person can afford to buy. Various development and township projects are coming up for this area. Ambernath is an industrial area and it has banks, hospitals, private firms and recreation centers. This area is also developing fast. The housing units falling in Property in Ambernath range from Rs. 30 to 40 lakhs. Both the localities are in great demand and development and infrastructures are increasingly immensely. It is worth to invest in the Amberpur-Badlapur area as the cost of the land will soon rise and the area will develop soon with all modern facilities.

There is an underground drainage line coming up in the locality. The biggest advantage for Badlapur is the presence of many schools in the Kalyan area. New schools are coming up in Badlapur itself, which is why based on all the above facts it would be again wise to invest in Premium Property in Badlapur and gain a better future. Markets and hospitals: Planning to develop new markets is already in the schedule of Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Hospitals with all modern amenities are also in the list of MMR. Be prospective and invest in the Ambernath-Badlapur locality. Ongoing values: Experts say that a 1BHK with an area of 550 sq ft is available for Rs 17-18 lakh in Bandlapur.

Opportunities of buying a Property in Ambernath and Property in Badlapur:

Currently there are several opportunities in Ambernath and Badlapur. If you are planning to buy a property in same area so you have many options as few projects are; Mohan Greenwoods, Poddar Evergreen, Kalp City, JewelArista, Saffron Hills, Shubh Jyot, Mohan Highlands, Garden City and more in Badlapur area and Tharwani Ariana, Dhara Residency,Amber Heights, Kohinor Castle,Amber Paradise, Parshuram Residency, Swami Darshan, JP Symphony, JP Harmony and more.


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