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Great Areas for Buying Affordable Property in Kalyan and Dombivali
16.07.2014 17:54

The new greater Mumbai built-up area called Kalyan-Dombivli is the newest stretch for new properties in the western Mahrashtra. Property in Kalyan and property in Dombivli belongs to the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) and is being developed by Maharashtra government as the new big area closer to Mumbai and Pune.Now, Kalyan and Dombivali areas are having the development of new residential projects at an increasing rate of successful launch.  



Famous for goods trading in the market, suburb Kalyan is situated on the eastern side of the Mumbai city whereas Dombivali area is a small town in Kalyan tahsil and is located at 20 kms away from Thane district and 6 kms from Kalyan. The  great development in civic infrastructure in these localities provides huge potential for investment in Property In Kalyan and property in Dombivali.

Factors making Kalyan-Dombivali as prime choice for investments are availability of all basic amenities such as sufficient supply of  water and electricity, parks, garbage disposal system and many more. Thus, making these localities prime suburbs of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and one of the prominent choice of buying a property in Kalyan and property in Dombivli. Apartments with 1,2, and 3 bedrooms with all the luxurious needs and ranging between 35 lakhs to 2 Crores  in Kalyan-Dombivali regions are catering peoples from all walk of life.

More specifically real estate provides property ranging from Rs 4800 per square feet to Rs 6000 square feet for a property in Kalyan, whereas cost of a property in Dombivali also offers similar range per square feet. With new well defined employment opportunities and popular transport modes such as auto-rickshaws, trains and buses, home buyers show keen interest on purchasing homes in these localities. Even the developers in these locations are providing world class apartments, few of them are  Nirmal Lifestyle, Dynamic Buildtech Ltd, Saisatyam Group, Ashapura Constructions, Lodha Group and Gajra Group.

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