Good Localities to Buy Affordable Property in Ambernath and Badlapur
04.06.2014 14:16

Being one of the fastest growing suburbs of Northeast Mumbai, Ambernath is spread around Kalyan on the Mumbai - Pune railway route and is a part of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Same is the case with any property in Badlapur. Most of the people depend on the railway link for daily commute to Mumbai for work. Ambernath is also the home of many national and international organisations thus, providing employment opportunities to many and hence buying a property in Ambernath seems inevitable.

Located at the distance of about 15 kilometres from Kalyan, Badlapur is an extended suburb and one of the fastest improving areas in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Property in Badlapur offers an affordable location with appealing property capital value between Rs 2500 to 3,500 per sq ft. From the prospective of commercial property similar to a property in Ambernath, Badlapur has mainly banks, small and medium sized companies. The average capital value of a commercial property is Rs 6000 per sq  ft. In the recent past  Badlapur has seen large amount of inflow of population from across various suburbs from the Mumbai. It is very well connected to Mumbai, Pune, and Navi Mumbai/Panvel, Dombivali and Kalyan.

Both the localities provide a large number of under construction projects where each property priced between the affordable range of Rs 18-45 lakhs. In sync with the availability in the property market, property in Ambernath and property in Badlapur attract maximum demand for one and two-BHK properties. Among others some of the developers or property dealers  offering these one and two-BHK properties include, Sai Constructions, Squarefeet Group, GBK Group, Saraswati Infra and Mohan Group. Both the areas are becoming popular day by day as a preferred choice for residential destinations.

In fact, many other developers are coming up with three-BHK properties also. These include Poddar Group, Mohan Group, Ankita Builders and Manohar Vikas Group. This high demand among buyers for one and two-BHK Property In Ambernath and property in Badlapur also shows the strong need for low budget housing in these localities.


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