Ambernath Property News

Ambernath Property News
20.10.2014 12:45

Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath are in comfortable price


 The real estate market has got a heavy boost due to the fact that the people are now more interesting in investing property in various parts of India, especially a city like Mumbai. With the options being limited for a common middle income group, family, they are now looking at investing in areas falling in their budgets. Badlapur being one of the fastest growing cities in Mumbai and Ambernath is considered as fastest growing suburbs in the city. With the increasing number of the population in both the areas, there has been increase is in demand for the residential property. Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath has proven to be a breath of fresh air and perfect opportunity for these people.

With the increasing connectivity options with center of Mumbai and other parts, Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath is among the top areas for perfect investment in real estate. Affordability and comfort have made these areas the prime locations for potential investment from customers as well as real estate developers. Lifestyle has been a main reason for increasing demand apart from the growing infrastructure in these areas. One needs to able to invest around Rs 45 Lakhs to own an under constructed property in these areas. With property value going sky high in Thane, Kalyan and other areas, Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath is the most obvious choice of buyers.

With the developers moving their focus away from the center of Mumbai towards these areas, reasonable property is calling out to customers with open arms. The most important part that the buyers are looking is the fact that if they buy Property in Badlapur or Property in Ambernath, they have option to use infrastructure like transport not only from these areas but also from the nearby areas as well. A customer will be able to purchase a residential property by investing Rs 3500/Sq feet and overall expense being Rs.40 Lakhs. Nearby popular areas like Kalyan and Thane is an added benefit for the potential buyers.

People already owning property in Badlapur and Ambernath, are using the infrastructure like schools, colleges and shopping malls from their areas but nearby areas as well. Reports for residential property have indicated that one should be able to buy a property in Ambernath by investing Rs 18 Lakhs. Potential customers and agents have now options for investment in property in Badlapur through projects like Mohan Greenwoods, Jewel Arista, Kalp City, Mohan Highlands, etc and in terms of investment in property in Ambernath, they have developers like Kohinor Castle, Dhara Residency, etc.

Being surrounded by prime locations, the customers have options of property which mixes reasonable price and comfort at the most. Rates of property in Ambernath indicate that one should be able to easily afford a 1BHK by investing a maximum of Rs 30 Lakhs and 2 BHK for Rs 40 Lakhs. A similar price range is being offered for buyers in terms of property in Badlapur.

If you are investor and looking for purpose full investment in real estate sector, than areas buy Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath, because these regions offers the options of enhanced connectivity and infrastructure. Property in Ambernath and Property in Badlapur is still in the range of middle class, which can get a considerable boost anytime.

Real estate in Mumbai is growing well and it is expected that investment in Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath will bring the good ROI in future. These areas offer the great combination of affordability and lifestyle with in the budget of common man. 


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