Ambernath Property

Ambernath Property
06.09.2014 12:23

Property in Badlapur and Ambernath is a mix of affordability and convenience


With the increasing number of people looking for investment in the real estate sector, there has been a boost in the property sale.  It is not possible for a common man to buy a lavish residential property in the center of Mumbai, so they are moving towards option like investing in Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath.

Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath are getting in high demand due to the increased connectivity to the main centers of Mumbai. These are the perfect locations for a person looking to stay with their family. These areas are not only good in infrastructure but lifestyle as well. A potential customer can get a under construct property by investing upto 45 Lakhs. With the increasing demand of property in Thane, Kalyan, Dombivalli areas, many people are now opting for Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath.

With the increasing number of projects in these areas, affordability of the property doesn’t seem to be an issue for a common man any more. With the rate of upto Rs 3500 per square feet, the Property in Badlapur is getting lot of attention as people can now get residential property with a range of Rs 40 Lakhs. Currently the price rate of the property is still in affordable range, people should start investing in Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath as soon the real estate in these areas will go sky high and might become out of reach for a common man.

These areas being close of Kalyan, Thane have got added advantage in terms of added infrastructure. People owing Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath will be able to use not only schools and hospitals from their areas from also from other developing areas like Kalyan. For better return in future these localities are a must for investors.  According to the recent reports if a person is looking for Property in Badlapur, they might be able to get 1BHK in about Rs 18 Lakhs.

Options for investments in Property in Badlapur and Property in Ambernath:

If you are looking for investment in real estate that fits your budget, then areas like Badlapur and Ambernath are the go to option. Some of the most prominent options for the customers in terms of projects in Badlapur include JewelArista, Mohan Greenwoods, Mohan Highlands, Kalp City, etc and in Ambernath, one can invest in Dhara Residency, Kohinor Castle, Tharwani Ariana, among others. 


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